International Graduate School for Quantum Technologies

Our graduate school in applied quantum technologies will address the national need to train cohorts of future quantum scientists and engineers for this emerging industry. The training program is a partnership between the Universities of Strathclyde, Glasgow and Heriot-Watt. In collaboration with more than 30 UK industry partners, the school will offer advanced training in broad aspects of quantum technology, from technical underpinnings to applications in the three key areas of: Quantum Measurement and Sensing; Quantum Computing and Simulation; and Quantum Communications.

Our programme is designed to create a diverse community of responsible future leaders who will tackle scientific and engineering challenges in the emerging industrial landscape, bring innovative ideas to market, and work towards securing the UK’s competitiveness in one of the most advanced and promising areas of the high-tech industry. The quality of our training provision is ensured by our supervisors’ world-class research backgrounds, well-resourced research environments at the host institutions, and access to national strategic facilities. Industry engagement in co-creation and co-supervision is seen as crucial in equipping our CDT students with the transferable skills needed to translate fundamental quantum physics into practical quantum technologies for research, industry, and society.

Our Programme:

We have fully funded PhD positions spanning the three broad areas of Quantum Measurement and Sensing, Quantum Computing and Simulation, and Quantum Communications and Networks. Complementary to the research projects, we will provide dedicated lecture courses covering both the theoretical foundation and the experimental techniques of quantum technologies, along with a variety of summer schools, workshops and conferences. We recognise the value that diverse viewpoints bring to research, and seek to recruit students from diverse backgrounds. If you identify as belonging to a group currently under-represented in Physics, we particularly welcome your application.

The core of each student’s doctoral training programme is a cutting-edge, original research project designed in collaboration between the primary academic supervisor, the student and, where applicable, the industrial partner. Work on the PhD project will continue throughout all four years, ensuring that students are embedded in a research environment from day one, while benefitting from cohort- based training in the foundations and applications of quantum technology, as well as skills training and engagement activities with leading industries and through outreach

Interested in applying? A list of available PhD projects is here.